Panache coffees are produced as sustainably as possible, from their beginnings on the tree, through processing roasting, and delivery to where it is finally ground and brewed. Our heritage includes forward-thinking environmentally sound programs and leads up to our LEED® Silver certified roastery. It all adds up to better coffee that’s better for the planet, and better for your bottom line.

LEED® Silver Certified Roastery

Panache coffees are roasted, packaged and shipped from our roaster in the Pacific Northwest’s first LEED® Silver certified roastery, signifying that our facility is third-party certified for meeting the highest green building and performance standards, including reduced waste sent to landfills, energy and water conservation, reduced emissions, and overall environmental stewardship. Come take a tour to learn (and see!) all of the ways we’ve used existing or recycled building materials and how we’ve significantly reduced our use of natural gas and water, in addition to lowering our emissions.

Panache Organics

An important sub-set of the Panache offering is a selection of double certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees. Panache Organics are single origins, proprietary blends and decaffeinated coffees, grown and sold with the whole world in mind, and reflecting our desire for responsible AND best quality coffees. Please contact us to find the coffees or learn more.

Direct Trade

Panache is among a limited group of high caliber coffee brands to offer Project Direct™ coffees. These coffees have been purchased under Direct Trade buying practices with growers. Quite simply both grower and buyer (that’s us) agree to mutually beneficial goals in a buying relationship which significantly contribute to better quality coffee, as well as the opportunity for better farm production and living standards. Project Direct coffees are often limited and rotate seasonally – please let us know if you’d like to learn more about the coffees and their availability.