Coffeehouse Proven. Connoisseur Approved.

Panache® has provided coffeehouse-quality specialty coffees to successful retailers for almost 20 years. The Panache brand has come to embody the quality and pioneering spirit of its Pacific Northwest roaster, Coffee Bean International.

As one of the first specialty coffee brands in the Pacific Northwest – largely recognized as the birthplace of America’s coffee renaissance – Panache has evolved as the coffee business has grown. Growing from its roots, Panache is now found at smaller, quality-oriented coffeehouses and coffee service locations nationwide. It’s like a treasure hunt – when you discover that someone has sought out the quality and character of Panache coffee, you know you have found someone who knows quality.

Once our coffees are delivered from origin to our roastery in Portland, they are roasted by hand, always with utmost care and attention, to ensure each roast’s nuances are fully developed (no computers making those decisions!). Using artisan-run, gas-fired drum roasters, the coffees’ best qualities are developed and preserved by state-of-the-art packaging, to ensure that the freshest possible product makes it to the brewer or espresso machine, and then to your cup.